Tally shortcut keys list | Tally erp 9 shortcut keys 2020

Tally shortcut keys is one of the most famous useful  programming used in India. It finished venture programming for little and medium undertakings.In the modern-day shortcut Keys makes you smart and saves your time.So we give you All Tally shortcut Keys list which  is very useful for you. 

The table has a list of some commonly used Tally shortcut keys that work with your computers and software. It is highly recommended that all users should use these keys and try to remember them.


Shortcut Keys Description
Alt + 2 Duplicate Voucher
Alt + 2 Create duplicate a voucher
Alt + A Add Voucher
Alt + C Create a Master
Alt + D delete a voucher/delete a master
Alt + E Export
Alt + E Export report in ASCII, HTML, PDF, Excel, XML format
Alt + F1 View detailed report
Alt + F10 Physical Stock voucher
Alt + F4 Purchase order
Alt + F5 Sales order
Alt + F6 Rejection out
Alt + F7 Stock Journal
Alt + F8 Delivery Note
Alt + F9 Receipt Note
Alt + G Language
Alt + H Help
Alt + I Insert a voucher
Alt + J Statutory Adjustment voucher
Alt + K Keyboard
Alt + M E-mail
Alt + N View Reports in automatic columns
Alt + O Upload
Alt + P Print
Alt + P Print the report
Alt + R Remove/Hide the line ina report
Alt + S Open Stock Query
Alt + S Statutory Payment voucher
Alt + X Cancel a Voucher
Ctrl + A View accepted as it is
Ctrl + A Accept a form
Ctrl + E Export Return
Ctrl + F10 Memorandum Voucher
Ctrl + F6 Rejection in
Ctrl + F8 Credit Note
Ctrl + F9 Debit Note
Ctrl + H Support Center
Ctrl + J Open Material Out Voucher
Ctrl + K Control Center
Ctrl + M Main Area
Ctrl + N Calculator Area
Ctrl + N Switch to Calculator
Ctrl + O Open GST Portal
Ctrl + V Toggle between invoice and voucher
Ctrl + W Open Material In Voucher
Esc Delete
F10 Reversing Journal
F4 Contra Entry
F5 Payment Entry
F6 Receipt Entry
F7 Journal Entry
F8 Sales Entry
F9 Purchase


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