Shortcut keys used in windows operating system 2020 [Updated]

By utilizing keyboard and computer shortcuts in the work environment, you can build your profitability and cut back on the strain brought about by dreary here we share all Shortcut keys used in windows operating system related post.

Most shortcut Keys serve to gives you extra advances that may include your mouse or choosing additional menus. While this is in no way, shape or form a thorough rundown, these Shortcut keys used in windows operating system are probably the most well-known ones you will normally utilize. This shortcuts helps you saving time when you doing lots of wok .

The table contains a list of some commonly used Shortcut keys used in windows operating system that work with your computers and software. It is highly recommended that all users should use these keys and try to remember them.


Shortcut Keys Description
Alt + Enter Open properties window of selected icon or program
Alt + Esc Switch between applications on taskbar
Alt + F4 Close current open program
Alt + Print Screen Create screen shot for current program
Alt + Tab Switch between open applications
Alt + Shift + Tab Switch backwards between open applications
Ctrl + Esc Bring up start menu
Ctrl + F4 Close window in program
Ctrl + Plus Key Automatically adjust widths of all columns in Windows Explorer
Ctrl +Alt + Del Reboot/Windows® task manager
F2 Rename selected icon
F3 Start find from desktop
F4 Open the drive selection when browsing
F5 Refresh contents
Holding Shift During Bootup Boot safe mode or bypass system files
Holding Shift During Bootup When putting in an audio CD, will prevent CD Player from playing
Shift + Del Delete programs/files permanently
Shift + F10 Simulate right-click on selected item



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