Outlook shortcut keys | keyboard shortcut keys for  ms outlook 2020

Numerous clients find that utilizing an outer keyboard with Outlook shortcut keys causes them work all the more productively. For clients with portability or vision incapacities, keyboard shortcuts can be simpler than utilizing the touchscreen, and are a fundamental option in contrast to utilizing a mouse.

Keyboard and computer shortcuts are intended to make routine computer works faster and simpler. The main issue is that a significant number of these have gone unnoticed by the normal client. It helps in the working environment, you can expand your efficiency and cut back on the strain brought about by dull movements.Most shortcuts serve to wipe out extra advances that may include your mouse or choosing additional menus. While this is in no way, shape or form a thorough rundown, these shortcut keys are probably the most well-known ones you’ll normally utilize. The shortcuts underneath apply explicitly to PC clients.


The table contains a list of some commonly used shortcut keys that work with your computers and software. It is highly recommended that all users should use these keys and try to remember them.


Shortcut Keys


Alt + S Send the email
Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + C Copy selected text
Ctrl + F Forward an email
Ctrl + I Italicize highlighted selection
Ctrl + K Complete name/email typed in address bar
Ctrl + N Create a new email
Ctrl + P Open print dialog box
Ctrl + R Reply to an email
Ctrl + Shift + A Create a new appointment to your calendar
Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new contact
Ctrl + Shift + I Open the inbox
Ctrl + Shift + K Add a new task
Ctrl + Shift + O Open the outbox
Ctrl + Shift+ J Create a new journal entry
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + X Cut selected text

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