Most Useful Keyboard Shortcut Keys for VLC Player 2020[Updated]

VLC media player is very useful video player used in our PC,Laptop and android devices but many users don’t know about the Shortcut keys for vlc Player. for this reason we faced many problems when we watching our favorite movies.

We give you all useful list of vlc shortcut keys which helps you Program Operations,Disc Operations,Display Options,File Menu Operations,Media Information,Playing Operations,Playing Speed,Playlist Operations,Quick Forward and Backward,Sound and Audio Operations,Subtitles  when you watching your videos and its save your time and make you different from others.

The table has a list of some commonly used Shortcut Keys for VLC Player which include  that work with your computers and software. It is highly recommended that all users should use these keys and try to remember them


Shortcut Keys Description
ALT + A Open audio menu
ALT + C Crop from bottom
ALT + D Crop from left
ALT + F Crop from right
ALT + H Open help menu
ALT + I Open view menu
ALT + L Open playback menu
ALT + LEFT ARROW 10 seconds backward
ALT + M Open media menu
ALT + O Open tools menu
ALT + R Crop from top
ALT + RIGHT ARROW 10 seconds forward
ALT + S Open subtitle menu
ALT + SHIFT + D Uncrop from left
ALT + SHIFT + F Uncrop from right
ALT + SHIFT + R : Uncrop from top
ALT + V Open video menu
ALT+ SHIFT + C Uncrop from bottom
CTRL + B . Create, delete and clear bookmarks menu
CTRL + C Open capture device
CTRL + D Open disk
CTRL + DOWN ARROW or Mouse Scroll Down Volume Down
CTRL + E Open the adjustment and effects menu
CTRL + F Open folder
CTRL + H Switch minimal interface on and off
CTRL + I View and edit media information like title, artist, album
CTRL + J View codec information like your media dimensions, audio and video codecs
CTRL + L Switch to playlist or back to media
CTRL + LEFT ARROW 1 minute backward
CTRL + M Open the message screen
CTRL + N Open network stream
CTRL + O Open a single  file
CTRL + P Open the preferences menu
CTRL + Q or ALT + F4 or ALT + Q Quit
CTRL + R Convert and save file
CTRL + RIGHT ARROW 1 minute forward
CTRL + S Stream your media locally or on the internet
CTRL + SHIFT + O Open multiple files
CTRL + SHIFT + W VLM Configuration
CTRL + T Go to a specific time of a playing media
CTRL + UP ARROW or Mouse Scroll Up Volume Up
CTRL + V Open location copied in the clipboard
CTRL + Y Save current playlist to a file
Shift + A Cycle through audio devices
Shift + B Next title
SHIFT + F1 About
Shift + G History back
Shift + H History forward
SHIFT + LEFT ARROW 3 seconds backward
Shift + M Disk Menu
Shift + N Next chapter
Shift + O Previous title
Shift + P Previous chapter
Shift + R Start and stop recording
SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW 3 seconds forward
Shift + S Take snapshot
SPACE Play and Pause a file
A Cycle aspect ratio
B Cycle through available audio tracks
C Cycle through crop display area
D Deinterlace On and Off
E Switch to next frame
F or F11 or Mouse Double Click Full screen mode on and off
G Decrease subtitle delay
H Increase subtitle delay
J Decrease audio delay
K Increase audio delay
L Loop off, one or all
M Mute sound on and off
N Next Track
O Switch to original size of the video
P Previous Track
P Go and play from the start of a file
R Random on and off
S Stop movie
T Show current and remaining time information
V Cycle through subtitles
W Wallpaper mode on (with DirectX output)
Z Cycle through zoom mode
Esc Full screen exit
F1 Help
[ Decrease playing speed
] Increase playing speed


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